Friday, May 17, 2013


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For my husbands Birthday I wanted to do something unique, but thrifty. For one thing he's hard to surprise and for another we were brokey broke.

I have a hard time throwing things away that I think know will be useful someday so I was relying on our stockpile of cardboard toilet paper rolls and jar of dryer lint to make something... "bomb". The irony didn't set in until Bob started asking me "what are you saving this for, dynamite?"
Cue me stifling laughter.

Anywho the finished product was impressive AND useful, just what I was hoping for. I wrapped it up classy in white paper and twine, clean. 

The second batch I made was for my badass mom who loves anything handy, tool-like, or crafty. Perfect. I made hers a touch more purty, the end result was extremely aesthetically pleasing, oh and just as functional. Amen!

Why would you want a fire starter, you ask? Because it makes lighting a bonfire super cinchy and looks neat-o, too. That's why.

The step-by-step is simple, here's how to make a batch of your own.
You Need: 
  • Toilet paper rolls, I used about 8 each time
  • Dryer lint, a pickle jar full worked for me
  • Wrapping paper of sorts (gift wrap, tissue paper, paper towel, and construction paper all work well!) 
  • Twine
  • Scissors

1. Fill a toilet paper tube with loosely packed dryer lint. 

2. Set the filled tube on its side on the construction paper and roll,
as if wrapping a candy.
Place the rolled tube between your legs and tie with twine.
Flip it over and tie the other side, too.

3. Repeat until you have an army of gorgeous homemade gifts.
Happy (safe) burning!



  1. I have never heard of these, my husband will not let me have a fire pit or bonfire, something about my almost burning down the house with just the grill being bad enough, love homemade gifts though.

    1. I have yet to make some for myself, Jennifer. Good point! They're much more fun to give as gifts, and totally customizable!

  2. Love this, we have tried something similar only we used newspaper (go green) for the wrap they work awesome, also great to pack up for taking camping:) Love the fire pit in the summer and winter :)

  3. Really fun idea! One year we made fireplace bucket gifts for everyone on our list and bought pre made starter logs. Never thought about making our own!

  4. Very handy! Never thought of making these on my own!

  5. Made some of these at scouts and the kids loved them, they look great and they all personalized them with pens and pencils and we are going away camping this weekend and hoping to use them, Thanks for the tip


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