We're the Blog with the huge name. It takes an abnormally large amount of words to finally get around to telling people that we have three babies (yes, three!), No, they’re not triplets, but they might as well be. Our twin boys, Taylen and Dayr, were born 22 hours apart. A short (so. stinking. short.) 14 months later their sister, Ayara, arrived.

We try, and try, and try some more to define this space of ours. First we’re cloth-diapering, then we’re simple living, then we’re blah, then we’re bleh - I give up! This is our space and it is ever-evolving. We try new parenting techniques almost daily. I’m convinced now that we’ll only settle when we’re dead.

We go crazy (literally) but we have three amazing kids to show for it, and this Blog is testament to that. You’ll find an entertaining mix of chaos, funk, and fun. We wouldn’t have it any other way.