Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Baby G (as I've come to lovingly refer to the lil' lady inside) has been SO active lately, I feel she may be needing some additional attention. Not only that, but I cannot get her off my mind due to her constant poking, wiggling and hiccuping.

THEREFORE I'm posting a baby G update.

She does have an appointment on January 23rd so she must be like her mama - impatient - she doesn't want to wait until then to let everyone know she's doing well!

Dear Baby G,

For the past three days you've been kicking up a storm! Every time mommy tries to help daddy feel your cool moves, you stop! I was starting to feel a bit crazy until we were laying in bed this morning and BLOOP we both saw a ripple go across my tummy! It was you... we BOTH caught you! Then daddy gently laid his hand on mommy's belly and voila, he felt your powerful punch!

If it's true what they say about babies then you're developing your own sleeping patterns right about now. Your brothers were awake ALL night while mommy tried to sleep but you, sweet little girl, let mommy sleep and wake up in the morning! (But not too early, today was about 10 am! Good girl!)

Here are some recent pics of your cozy home: 
23 weeks
Love that goofy pregnant shape <3

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  1. you look it feels awesome to just have one in there this time around!!



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