Thursday, April 19, 2012

Settling In

Hello! It's been crazy here since baby Ayara entered the world just 11 short days ago (admittedly some of them seem very LONG). I'm not quite sure what to Blog since everything seems very significant to me.

Our petite princess spends most of her time sleeping and occasionally wakes (not by crying but by making a noise that sounds just like giggles!) to poo and eat. We're all still figuring each other out.

I think dad and I forgot how hard it can be to maintain stamina in the face of less sleep (yay for so far no sleepless nights!), less time to talk, shower or clean, and less-than-satisfying meals -- long ago we actually ate together. Swear!

Today is my first day alone with all three babes while daddy is working. So far so good! Since I'm not supposed to lift the boys we had a floor picnic for lunch... which they loved! I was holding baby girl in my arms the entire time and so unfortunately there are no shots of that sweet mess.  

When we're not fielding the extra crying coming from the twins (adjustment period??) we're all learning to enjoy one another. It's beautiful to see the way the boys are curious about our new addition.

Happy Thursday Everyone
I had to check and see what day it is, ha!


  1. I am so happy for you all and cannot wait to visit in a couple months. I hope to dress her in some fabulously cute clothes that Linds and I got her. I miss you all very much and am glad it's going well, even though you are super busy. I love you all, Merebear

  2. You go girl! Those kiddos are so lucky to have you! Also, the first picture looks like older brother is pointing and laughing at baby sister, ha... and so it already begins! <3


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