Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Day / Sun Day

Yesterday was finally a beautiful PARK DAY! Bob and I had been counting on this day for a little while, what with the boys going stir crazy inside of our cave-like apartment and whatnot.

The family adventures out of the house have been few and far between since Ayara's arrival. At first we just wanted to keep her safe, ensure her healthy transition home from the NICU, etc. but now the amount of effort required to actually leave the house is what hinders us.

Take the other day for example. They boys were finally both dressed, Bob had pulled the car around for easy loading, the diaper bag was well stocked and Ayara was bundled in her carseat. We thought we were good to go. Wrong! Bob loaded both boys in his arms and trekked up the stairs to the parking lot. Not three minutes later I heard the door open and in he came carrying, to my suprise, both boys! Turns out they had both had diaper explosions during the short time it took to walk them outside. Goodbye another 10 minutes while we hastily wipe butts, rinse diapers, and redress babies. phew!

I later realized that I was thankful for the unexpected delay as I was running around grabbing sippy cups and packing the "hooter hider" I had almost forgot (more commonly known as a breast-feeding cover-up). A mistake that would have spoiled the day would Ayara have woke up hungry!

The good thing about being so challenged to actually make it out the door is the immense feeling of accomplishment that comes from finally rolling the car out of the parking lot. I can actually feel the tension drift out the windows as Bob and I realize we have a small amount of freedom from "the cave".

In the end it's all worth it to see the boys so happy, dirty and amused. Oh and mom and dad didn't mind the fresh air, either!

Dayr has NO fear climbing the jungle gym
Taylen exercises a bit more caution
My beautiful family
A toddler-sized sand pit... perfect
Ayara enjoyed a breezy sun bath
She was born into a beautiful place
Ayara beach baby

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