Saturday, December 1, 2012

Life's an Adventure.


There is so much to share in one's life story. For one thing we were all born... [yay!].
If you've ever experienced birth, in any way shape or form, think about
how eventful that was for you.
The pictures people take don't even scratch the surface of that moment's intensity.  
Until now.
Your Pictures + Professional Editing Choices + Colorful Text
PhotoBucket's Life's an Adventure Photo Story Contest

Grand Prize: $25,000
Five Runners-up: $500 each

From now until December 9th you can enter for your chance to win $25,000.
Someone has to win! Why shouldn't it be you?

I chose to write the story of my twins' birth
Just before their debut!
Not sure what you'd write about?
They've got you covered!
Pick from this list of adventures, or choose one of your own:

  • The first day of school
  • A big move
  • Getting married
  • Traveling overseas
  • Learning a new hobby or sport
  • Redecorating anything
  • A fly-fishing trip
  • Training for a charity run
  • Hosting an exchange student
  • A new pet or baby
  • Visiting the zoo
  • Road tripping in college
  • Auditioning for a reality TV show
  • Hosting a BBQ
  • Picnic in the park
  • Trip to the farmer's market
  • Making your own baby food, pasta, cakes

  • [This is a sponsored post. Regardless of compensation I only suggest products and services that I believe to be beneficial to my readers.]


    1. I use Photo Bucket all the time, thanks for the info for the contest.

      1. Jennifer, so glad to hear this will be useful for you! Even if someone doesn't use Photo Bucket now, they can easily sign up! Be sure to share with your friends :)

    2. What a fun contest! And you're right - the biggest adventure of all is bringing new life into the world!

      1. It surely was for me, and I'm sure other have had awesome experiences, too! I can't wait to see all the entries :)

    3. What a great post! I love your pictures that tell such an amazing story. And when I was reading, I was thinking ahead about "What would I write" and then there was your suggestions! They are wonderful. . . my husband just went fly fishing for the first time in his life last month and has finally found "his thing" that he loves! And we got some really great pictures too! Great Post.

      1. Jen let me know if you submit that story, I'd love to see it!

    4. I love Photobucket! Thanks for sharing this contest!


    5. Thanks for the info on the contest. I think pictures are really important for stories. Especially for you having the twins.

    6. I have not use Photobucket yet. Maybe I need to look into them some more. Thanks :-)

    7. I like using Photobucket, nice pics!

    8. Fun contest! Thanks for sharing.

    9. Now giving birth to twins is a great story in itself!!

    10. Ohhhhhhh let me start thinking about a story to write about. Thanks for the info



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