Friday, August 17, 2012

Diapering Joys? [Hulabye Happy Changer Review]

Three babies.
Need I say more?

You know I'm an advocate for anything that makes life easier.
One place we experience struggle is in the diaper department.
Three butts in diapers (my daydream of having the twins potty-trained at 14-months-old,
before baby girl arrived, never came true... boo)
means that there's almost always someone to change, poop scent in the air,
or cloth diapers to wash, dry, and reassemble. 

Imagine my relief to know there was something out there designed to make diaper changes easier.
No, I'm not referring to the live-in nanny we can't afford.
I'm talking about my newest nursery obsession: The Hulabye Happy Changer.
Even the name makes diapering sound more appealing!

The Hulabye Happy Changer is a deliciously soft and luxurious fabric wrap
that fits over your existing changing pad and cover to help support baby during changes.
I've literally wished out loud for an extra set of hands before, and now here it is!

No more rolling, scooting, or playing with a pee-pee!
That last one really sold me!
I was skeptical at first because I felt like my preexisting changing pad strap
was adequate and necessary. As it turns out you can use them in conjunction
with one another, so there was no need to worry.  

Beautiful packaging, just like a gift; with a personalized card, too!

The "not curently in use" look, notice the original changing pad straps are still usable!

What I loved: amazingly soft fabric (seriously, you should feel this!), heavy-duty velcro to hold it together under the changing pad, simple installation, works in harmony with preexisting changing pad safety straps, machine washable for poopsplotions!

What I'd change: I'd give the arm holes some flexibility (elastic?) to make it easier to get baby arms in and out. Also, if there was a fastening material besides scratchy velcro to put near babies body on the top (on the bottom is fine and out-of-sight) I would do that, too.

Options: comes in flannel, minky solid or minky print, - altogether 11 options
we tried minky print in chocolate/blue

Price to Buy: $36 - $44 depending on fabric choice
Bonus: Use code HANDSANDHEARTS for 15% off your entire purchase, now until October 17th!
Happily Hullabyed
Overall: I used this changer on my 4-month-old as well as my 18-month-twins with amazing satisfaction; even my husband loves it!  I wish we had owned it from the very start. There were many midnight changes over the past year-and-a-half that would have beeen made safer and easier had I used the Hulabye. It gets A+ approval from us!

 I received a Happy Changer for review. I was not compensated in any other way. The opinions expressed in this post are 100% original.


  1. Oh my goodness!! Now why didn't they have this around when I had little ones that age. I remember the crazy one handed diaper changing I use to have to do because of squirming kids. This is awesome!

  2. Thanks for the great review, Crista! You're not the only one who was skeptical before using the Happy Changer. Not surprisingly, skeptics become huge fans once they try it! When you're changing 10-20 diapers a day, the last thing you need is to have to clean up poop on the changing table or have to do an outfit change because someone decided to flip over mid-change! I just wanted to add that the "scratchy" side of the velcro shouldn't bother baby as it is only on the outside surface (not on any of the surfaces that actually touch the baby). We're so glad the Happy Changer is giving your two VERY full hands an extra one to help out :)

  3. That is an awesome invention!!!

  4. I would have bought that in half a heartbeat when my kids were small. Cute, functional. Love it. Passing this on to a friend who has a 7 month old. thanks!
    marie h

  5. There is nothing worse that trying to hold a squirming baby when trying to change them... esp. when the diaper isn't just wet. This idea is ingenious -- useful, easy, and helpful to the process!
    By the way "holy handful" with 18 month twins and a 4 month old! My boys are 14 months apart(now 33 and 32) and I can remember being pretty exhausted at the end of the day -- and you are plus one more!!

  6. Wow! That is SO interesting!!! They are always coming up with new things for little ones!

  7. This looks like a great design. But how is it getting them into that contraption? Do they put up a fight?

    1. Patty it's EASY! I just lay them on the open wrap (that's where their skin occasionally comes into contact with the velcro, otherwise it's not an issue) and slip their arms in. They learned to say "arms" this week because of it :) No fighting yet!


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