Thursday, September 20, 2012

Currently: September 20, 2012

Twins Are...

Loving each other.

Devouring many many fruits and veggies thanks to our whole foods, plant-based lifestyle change!

Giving old toys some new love. We put away boxes ad boxes of toys many months ago (in an attempt to de-clutter and keep things interesting) and as a result the oldies are getting some much needed love.

Grateful For parks. And exercise. Anything that gets us out of the apartment really. New favorite words/phrases include: socks and shoes, buh-bye, and play!

Going goes hand-in-hand with "grateful for" this week. We've been to new parks in our city, we've walked the path near a draining dam (and eaten a few rocks, sticks and pieces of snake grass along the way), and we've visited an old favorite: the mall play area (where other people's children pretend we're dolls and pick us up to play, but mommy and daddy are too tired to get up and intervene so we scowl at them by ourselves).

That's all this week, mommy is tired and needs a nap.



  1. aw...i love your twins. they are so cute. I want twins so bad. They run in my family so thick, but ya never know.
    the park is are "to-go-to" place...loving the last bit of good weather we can get:)

  2. Awww, what cute kids!

    Got to love the "old toys are new again" trick!!

  3. That first picture is absolutely adorable! What sweet boys you have.


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