Monday, November 12, 2012


Today, during this month of November when we're constantly reminded to be thankful for what we can, I am glad to have stumbled upon this article:
My Top 11 Blogging Tips by Tsh (not a typo).
Feel free to read the article in its entirety but the part I am clinging to today?
"There are some seasons in life that are more conducive to more in-depth blogging. Enjoy those, and reap their benefits by reading and writing all you can about the topic. For me, I started Simple Mom when my second was a newborn. I nursed all day long, so during those long periods of sitting, I read and read and read some more about blogging.
Go with the season you’re in. Don’t fight it. Another season is probably just around the corner." 
Because today I don't feel like Blogging, and thanks Tsh, for reminding me that that's fine. 

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  1. That is amazing advice! I really need to go with the flow more often. It can be so hard not to be a control freak. Thanks for the reminder!


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