Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tribest + Soyabella

Tribest: a name I'd never heard of UNTIL I was on a mission for products to simplify my life of whole food plant-based eating, and soymilk drinking and making.

Tribest carries an ENORMOUS variety of healthy living products - some of which I'd never heard of - including: water revitalizers, seeds, sprouters, grain mills, juicers, storage containers, oils, and even some refurbished items. The list goes on and on.

I was given the opportunity to try the Soyabella soymilk (and so much more) maker. You bet I was geeked! It's deemed easy to use and easy to clean... sounds simple enough to me!

What it looks like:

A fine-tuned coffee maker. It's a sleek metal and heavy-duty plastic container with life-improving attachments (one for rice, milk & tofu).

What it sounds like:

Nothing. And then a really loud grinding. And then nothing again. If you're in the same room prepare to be startled!

What it feels like:

A sturdy vessile for food transformation. It comes seperate yet easy-to-assemble and has a nice thick handle for moving and pouring.

What I made:

Potato Leek Soup from the One Pot Wonder cookbook (also available for sale from Tribest) designed specifically for the Soyabella machine!

This was far easier than using a stove or slow cooker. I was skeptical at first but after only five minutes of work I was completely done. I can do five minutes!

1. Cut up ingredients

2. Toss everything in the canister.

3. Plug In.

4. Press "Paste" button.

5. Wait 15 minutes then DONE!  It will be extremely HOT!


The most important step in making soymilk is to first and foremost distinguish between the rice screen and the milk screen. I made the mistake of using the rice screen to make milk the first time and then had grainy milk (not good).

1. Soak beans (4 hours or overnight). I chose overnight. This is easy because they soak in the same container that will later get used in the actual milk making process.
Sidenote: you don't have to use soybeans to make milk. The soyabella transforms rice, almonds, and many other nuts into your favorite beverage!

2. Plug it in. Enough said.

3. Put the soaked beans into the soyabella machine along with desired amount of water (more water for thinner milk, and vice versa).

3. Press "Milk", not to be confused with the button right next to it labeled "Mill", which will only grind the contents.

4. Wait 15 minutes then enjoy HOT (seriously hot!) milk (or soup, porridge, beverage, etc.)

5. Save the leftovers for use in future recipes or rinse in the sink.

6. Done.

Overall I'm recommending this multipurpose machine for anyone looking to simplify tasks in the kitchen, or simply navigate the make-your-own-nut-milk waters. The Soyabella works great for small portions, but will not make enough soup or milk to feed a large family. I have a family of five which includes three babies, when everyone is old enough to eat solid foods this machine will have to be replaced by something larger. Add a Soyabella to your Holiday shopping list for a fun, inexpensive surprise!

Price: Regularly $129.95, on sale now for $119.95, savings of $10.00!

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I received the above mentioned Soyabella product for review. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions in this post are 100% my own. Photograph used with permission.


  1. I absolutely LOVE the idea of making a soup in this. I have nveer heard of this company before. Thanks for sharing, going to check them out now!

    1. Amanda the process was sincerely simple, probably even more simple than I conveyed. I hope you do hceck them out, and spread the word about their great finds!

  2. This looks cool, I'd love to try that. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I like the idea it does everything once you put in all the ingredients -- maybe not so happy it might not make enough and I might have to do batches for the family.
    However, somethings you only want in small batches at a time -- for that -- I think this would be perfect!

  4. OMG Soup in 15 minutes?! I NEED this! I am a soup addict, I could eat it for every meal, every day of the week, plus snacks!

    1. Yes, just 15 minutes (plus hardly any prep!). It really is quite convenient.

  5. Wow! Now I'm intrigued! I love almond milk, so this is something I'm definitely going to try!
    Thank you for a great review on a very interesting product. Now.. to go sweet talk my honey into buying me one! ;)

    1. It's a MUST for making your own healthy milk. So easy! I hope you do!

  6. Love soup! Thanks for sharing!


  7. very intriguing. my hubby loves soup and this would be so cool:)


  8. I need to get out my soup pot!! Great weekend for soup!

    1. The weather cooling down means it's going to be MONTHS of perfect soup/hot cereal/warm milk days & nights!

  9. I didn't know you could make all that with one little pot! I would love to have one of those.

  10. I will have to check them out, this is my diet for me. I would love to try that soup. I am re-doing my kitchen (have dishes 20 years old, lol) I can not wait to see all their products, thanks for making me aware of them.

  11. I love soup! Well, it's getting cold here in Ohio, soo I would love something this easy to use.

    1. Angel, check out their website! If this is out of your price range they have plenty of other neat gadgets to choose from.


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