Friday, April 19, 2013

Shots (not the good kind).

This post contains affiliate links to the products featured within. I was sent Amber Pieces baby teething necklaces for review and upon careful consideration accepted. I would not endorse any product I did not find fit for my family, or the families of my readers. I was not compensated in any other way and I was not required to write a positive review.
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I took Ayara to the Doctor's recently, on her actual Birthday in fact, for her one year check up. I was looking forward to the time alone with her. Between the chaos of the twins and Ayara's constant curiosity my time to spend with each baby individually is extremely limited, if not nonexistent most days.
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While we were there I got to look at my girl. I mean really look at her. Man is she something else. I am not saying that because I had anything to do with her creation. If she were anyone elses girl I'd still gawk at her stunning baby ways. My guess is that she's probably got her fathers striking eyes which make her appearance all the more enchanting. Anyway I noticed her, in all her baby glory. And loved what I saw.
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Then the nurse informed me that we, namely Ayara, would be getting immunizations and my heart sank. I've forever been torn about them, the pros and the cons, but bottom line is that she was getting them that day. Seeing my child crying evokes so much emotion in me. maybe it's the constant child-related nightmares I have, maybe it's just something mothers go through but as for me - I always cry.
This time, though, I felt better knowing baby girl sported her Amber Pieces baltic amber necklaces. It's no surprise she was wearing them, she only takes them off for soap baths. That's it! Playing outside, waddling indoors, play dates, doctor dates- she's always sportin' her pain reducing bling.
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I first heard about Baltic amber's healing properties when I was living in Nevada and the twins were about two months old. We were out. of. our. minds with teething tantrums and a local support group suggested we try an amber teething necklace. It's not intended for baby to chew but instead to reduce pain by the chemical process that is started when our natural body heat warms the amber on our skin. It's really quite perfect for anyone with pain, and it's idiot-proof. You cannot do it wrong; just put it on and you're running with the in crowd.
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I get asked about them frequently and I always tell people that I wouldn't parent without them, and I mean it. It doesn't get better than an all natural way to relieve the painful teething process and beyond. Ayara wears a hand-me-down from her brothers as well as a brand new piece from Amber Pieces. Check them out for yourself (or a baby or mama-to-be that you love!) you'll be glad you did.

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  1. I have tried Baltic Amber necklace two years ago for the first time. My baby had bad teething ache. Since then, all my family members wear amber jewelry daily. We do not have headaches, we sleep well at night and can relax. I highly recommend for everyone to give it a try! It actually helps!


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