Monday, September 9, 2013

Update: 31 Months / 17 Months

As usual we've been crazy busy over here. Emphasis on the crazy!
 It has come to my attention that updates are in order for the tots.
The Twins are now two-and-a-half! (31 months to be exact) Half of what? Oh, they're half-interested, half-insane, half-hungry... but 100% adorable still. Phew.
We're him hawing between long hair vs. haircuts again. We flop from long and unruly (see below) to completely buzzed off. There is just something about curly boy locks that I love.
Taylen (playing peek-a-boo) and Dayr (tiger shirt) are really into their own voices. Dayr told daddy last night "those are your nipples, I don't eat them, they're yucky for me, I eat food." Oh, duh, and they're really smart, too!
They're still on the small side, wearing 18 month clothing, but they have really big hearts. When they're not tormenting their sister with their scooter or breaking her heart by telling her "no!" (it literally makes her bawl) they're helping her learn to throw things away, find her blanket, and drink from the toilet. See, hearts = huge!
Speaking of toilets, they're not quite committed yet. We've had the occasional potty praise dance happening, but they've also shat in the yard and stepped on it. I'd say they're still exploring the concepts.
 photo image4_zps84c27e05.jpeg  photo image3_zps87558930.jpeg  photo image2_zps80c39b3b.jpeg  photo image_zpsfd3d0a87.jpeg
Yes, they get confused for triplets all. the. time.
Ayara is a fiesty and bold 17 months old. She learns heaps from her brothers, both good and bad, and wants to be big just like them. In fact she's boy girlcotted the high chair already.
When quinoa can be found in every grout crack and wall corner I remind myself that she's very independent. Sigh.
She's talking like her life depends on it.
Stuck comes out 'sucked', when she toots she says 'poop', and anything below her waist is called toes.
They keep us on our toes. They drive us literally and figuratively insane. And then they take beautiful hikes with us in nature and eat wild grapes and apples and smile big purpley smiles and I fall in love all over again.

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