Friday, November 29, 2013


At peace, contented, joyful, overwhelmed, pleased, grateful, indebted, glad, serene, and comfortable. I hope you're not sick of hearing the words "thanks" and "thankful" yet/ever, but just in case I brainstormed a whole bunch of alternatives, just to liven things up. We hosted our first Thanksgiving this year and what a reminder it was to be grateful, indebted, joyful and glad! Days before we were certain we had everything in place. It wasn't until the day of that we really started to lose it. I got banned from asking "have you seen?..." because every time I asked I was either holding it or staring at it, the turkey was done three HOURS ahead of schedule, and I ran out of steam making sweet potato casserole, only to be rescued by Bob's sister Mara who waltzed in with a surprise one! Jacinda, Bob's his second youngest sisters basted meat, steamed beans, baked pies and rallied kids while we sorted out the last details. Family, if we didn't tell you yesterday, we really appreciate you! Through the buzz of all the hosting duties it was hard to get a word in, but I hope you know that 365 days of the year.
On Bob's side we were missing quite a few due to distance and life in general. On my side I was just missing my dad. Post-divorce really sucks, even as a grown child. I hate hate hate HATE not getting to celebrate all momentous occasions with both of my parents. Children of still married parents: you have one more thing to be thankful for. Both of my parents have moved on and are happy in their respective lives, I can surely appreciate and acknowledge that, but selfishly the little girl in me wouldn't hate to have everyone together again.
The kiddos enjoyed having the party at our house. For days telling them that we were having a party soon was the only way to get them to sleep. They each ate their body weight in mom's classic spritz cookies and Grammy's homemade cheesecake. I enjoyed being able to nap them easily, it made the whole day more enjoyable.
After the Lions defeated the Packers - BOOYAH - we tried to guess what everyone was thankful for, then slipped in the new movie Planes for the tots. It was riot-level loud so they watched pictures only, but no one seemed to mind. Once most guests had gone Grammy graciously offered to bathe the babes while Bob and I packaged leftovers and cleaned up. My brother enjoyed the comfort of the La-Z-Boy while we slaved wink wink. Then something magical happened. A new Christmas tradition was started! We previewed the Elf on the Shelf movie yup, we're riding that train! and after everyone was asleep our new Elf made her first appearance, only to be spotted by the baby, Ayara, this morning! Per the legend we quickly named her so she could get her magic! The agreed on name? Pudding. Dayr suggested it and everyone agreed!
This is a long-winded way of saying that we have a LOT to be pleased with, many reasons to celebrate every day, and we're forever indebted to many we love. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, I hope yours was full of good memories, too!

Some of the Spread // Taylen + Meredith // Uncle Eric, Grammy + Ayara

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  1. My goodness, that last pic of Aunt Ann and Eric with sweet Ayara sure made my day!! :) Lots of love from Iowa! And Happy Thanksgiving. :)


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