Saturday, February 15, 2014


So much happened over Twins-Turn-Three Birthday Fiesta time that it's hard to capture it all. That being said I decided to share my personal favorite category: food. Of course when I say food I really mean cupcakes. Lots and lots of cupcakes.
The plan was for strawberry cupcakes - that's it. But when Dayr pulled a fast one the day of Tay's Birthday and asked for orange we didn't have the hearts to say no. After all, it must be hard being the second born of twins, your birthday (in his case) always a day behind. I imagine I'll be soft about that my whole life.
There were strawberry, orange, and store-bought amazeballs-with-tons-of-ooey-frosting chocolate + vanilla cakes. My favorite part is decorating, only winning my love by a hair more than eating. I love eating. The kids? They wanted cakes morning, noon, and night. Of course, like responsible parents, we only gave in most of the time.
And for dinner we let the tots decide. The menu? Hot dogs and macaroni and cheese. Wasn't gourmet but it sure made life easy! And, be still my heart, they did ask for tomatoes and cukes, too! Do we know how to raise 'em or what?!
Enjoy this unfair food porn, I know I did!

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