Thursday, February 13, 2014


When Bob and I first got together we were great with our money, it was just the two of us most of the time and we had few bills and few expenses. Life was pretty dang tasty. The chaos came with our very unique twin birth and it seems we've been treading water ever since. At least until now.
Rewind to about a month ago when we started taking a class through church called Financial Peace University (FPU). You guys, for real, I've never been so on fire to accomplish something money-related before in my LIFE! There are seven "baby steps" in the program, they are:
  1. $1,000 in an emergency fund.
  2. Pay off ALL debt using the "debt snowball".
  3. 3-6  months living expenses in savings.
  4. Invest 15%.
  5. College funding.
  6. Pay off your home early.
  7. Build wealth and GIVE!
So far we have made it through, drum roll please -- step one! But the reality is that our debt will be gone in a little over one year and we will FINALLY have some wiggle room, after three years without it. When I say we don't wiggle I mean we: have no cable, are downgrading our cell plans and selling our iPhones, do not buy Birthday, Christmas or Holiday presents, eat a lot of rice and beans + much, much more. It will be so refreshing to feel a crisp dollar or two in my wallet and get to spend it on something straight from my head!
Some of my greater dreams are becoming a reality, too! Once there is NO debt to worry about we can afford to travel, entertain, and eat amazing things again! The latter being something we did before we had kids, and severely miss now, even though Bob is amazing at making something out of nothing.
If money were no issue I'd love to experience all of this and more:
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  1. We are working on our $1,000 emergency fund too. We started one & then ended up having an emergency tire repair, so we needed it. Thank God we started saving so we had it! Now we have to build it back up!


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