Monday, April 7, 2014


[How Far Along]
8 weeks, ya'll!
[Baby is the size of]
A Jellybean! Pre-pregnancy I loved them, now they sound ga-ross!
[Weight Gain]
Lost a pound, which is great for a preggo my height + size + BMI.
No baby movements yet.
Nausea is in full swing, especially today. Being that yesterday was the day I was co-hosting one of my best girl's baby showers I chalked it up to too much "junk", but nothing seems to help. I made a smoothie from the greek yogurt + blueberries the kids didn't finish for breakfast, mucho spinach, orange and banana. Something I typically love to sip on; even that is hard to get down today.
[Maternity Clothing]
Brought to you this week by PinkBlush Maternity! They sent the adorable floral empire-waist tank I'm sporting in this week's photos. It's trendy yet classy, fitted in the bust and flowy on the bump - just the way I like it! The fabric is 100% cotton and I plan to hang dry it so it'll last through all Spring and Summer. I'm loving floral trends and this tank is no exception. It's fabulously soft and something that can easily be paired with flats (see photos above) and a cardigan, or any number of other wears. I imagine I'll be enjoying the sleevelessness of this come summer with it's hot and humid ways. I'm also crushin' on this printed maxi + their classic 3/4 sleeve tunic that looks like it'll be flattering after baby comes, too.

Ice water. Honestly everything else sounds awful.
[Best Moment this week]
Executing a baby shower while preggo. Not an easy task but so, so fun to do!
[Looking forward to]
Ayara's second Birthday tomorrow!

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