Wednesday, April 30, 2014


That feeling when things just click: your favorite shirt gets worn-in, the food you made tastes just right, or your daughter's outfit seems to come together effortlessly for an afternoon of fun-in-the-sun while her big bros nap. Yeah, those are good feelings. The kind you might get when you're shopping Be Good Monster out of Portland, Oregon. Think of Portland. What comes to mind? For me it's culture, food trucks, culture, RAIN, and probably some more culture. Matt from Be Good Monster is a proud Portlandian, I can tell. His designs are unisex style meets all-ages funk. Did you scope Ayara's fresh Food Cart Dining tee? The play on words is hilarious. In fact it fits perfectly with our budding food cart-opolis here in Northern Michigan, too! They come in adult sizes, too, but being that my belly is currently preggo swelling I wasn't interested in the head turns I might get if everyone thought I ate a truck. Dayr also received this tee, which he LOVES for the "swords" and flags, and Taylen - the week he wouldn't take off his sister's Birthday crown - received a sweet black + white king's tee. So in lust with their new clothes were they that sleeping in them was a must. Of course mama didn't mind - they're 100% cotton and super cozy, too. Bonus: didn't have to dress twin three-year-olds in the AM... win/win.
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