Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer time in Reno

While this year has definitely been a challenge for us (settling into our new home, welcoming the twins, racking up some serious medical debt, asking for help in ways we didn't know existed) there have been many good times, too. Two great things about living in Reno are 1. the weather is typically decent enough to be outside comfortably and 2. there's always something to do, and usually for free!

Here are some of the thing's we have taken part of this summer:
1. Sunbathing. We discovered Sparks Marina last summer in an attempt to find yet another place to cool off from the nearly 100 degree weather. The boys LOVE hangin' out nudie style and soaking up the rays.

Also in Sparks: The Fountains!
 2. Nevada museum of Art. We were looking for something fun to do during another hot day, indoors of course. The museum let us in for free after a short survey. It was interesting but I'm glad we didn't pay, our stay was short and sweet.

Nevada Museum of Art
 3. The many, many parks of Reno. You can walk or drive five minutes in almost any direction and find a place with some swings, grass and slides around here. The boys enjoyed about two minutes of tandem swinging before they were spent.

Huffaker Park
 4. Yet another park: Rancho San Rafael. It's complete with rose gardens, a waterfall/stream area, meadows, dog runs, a lake, museum, and even an abandoned amusement park!

Rancho San Rafael
5. Hiking! We hiked up and around Mt. Rose recently. Below is a picture of Bob in front of beautiful Lake Tahoe! Also we drove to Virgina City "a place frozen in time" which is an old Western Mining City on top of yet another mountain. You can see Bob below pointing out over the beautiful view.

Virginia City
Baby Wearing at Mt. Rose / Lake Tahoe

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