Friday, July 29, 2011


Well, this week there have been a couple firsts for the boys and I. Dayr cut his first tooth (finally- we've only been waiting 3 months!). The poor guy has been miserable the past couple days, and waking up more often than usual in the night, I thought to nurse, turns out he just needed some comfort. Luckily for us we invested in some Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces a few months back. I say invested but really $18 was a small price to pay for the amount of natural, side-effect-free relief the boys got, not to mention the drastic decrease in screams due to teething for mom and dad. I highly recommend this gem to any parent. They are made with amber from the Baltic sea that contains naturally occurring succinic acid. The acid simply lays in the beads and is activated by body contact, releasing its healing properties naturally, painlessly and with zero size effects. Take that orajel!
Don't believe me? Read about them here! If you're starting to feel jealous (like baby gets all the cool stuff) rest assured they come in adult sizes too and are great for any type of pain relief, migraine, etc.

The second "first" this week was a baby play date for the boys ... with a girl none-the-less! It was nice for mom (me) to stroll the park with a friend and ex co-worker but even better was watching my boys (although mostly just Dayr since Taylen insists on sleeping through all the cool things we do) interact with someone else's baby. I loved how they studied one another, and then completely forgot anyone was around and resumed chewing on the other's toy. Ashlynn, their playmate, is two months older than the boys and can already roll, sit, pull herself to standing, drink from a sippy, the list goes on and on... I was impressed! I told the boys to pay attention and take notes ;)

Dayr and Ashlynn
Taylen, Ashlynn and Dayr
When I got home my insightful husband made a neat observation. He mentioned how our boys get a play date all the time. I racked my brain but I couldn't think of one time they'd been around another baby. Duh! They're twins! They have each other. I felt so silly! How difficult it is to think like a twin, having never been one myself. How lucky I am to have a husband to remind me of what I cannot see ... right in front of me.

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