Sunday, October 23, 2011

Moving back to Michigan

I've got my warm socks on, my back pillows propped, and I'm hunkered down to type what will probably be a very short blog post, even though I'm MUCH overdue.
Big news: We are moving back to Michigan... tomorrow in fact!

We decided about a month (or was it two?) ago that we need to be closer to family and loved people in our lives.

Reno has been fun but lately the rise in crime and decrease in employment has really turned us off. Not that we've got a fool-proof plan for being back in The Great Lakes State (we surely do not) but prospects are better and family is plentiful there.

Since the boys have been born I've felt a great need for them to be near and to know their extended family. It was an experience I always loved and hope they will, too. I also have a HUGE family on my husband's side that I've adored at every interaction but would love to know more. 

Anywho, we sold almost everything we owned and decided to short-sale our home and we've rented an apartment in Michigan. We're looking forward to living simpler. Somehow when we added more space to our lives (by buying a home) we also added more stuff. Ugh!

This past week we've been living off of leftover food, clothing, Housewares... It's been really nice. I am angry with myself for once getting so caught up on material things, that is just not me! I'm very much looking forward to having less, buying second-hand and up or re-cycling when able. Thrifty thrifty!

That's all the steam I have for now. Tonight the family is sleeping on the floor (packed the air mattress, babies are in the closet) and tomorrow we hit the road! To Utah! I'll try to update from the road... Travel on!

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