Sunday, August 21, 2011

Give credit where credit is due.

The award for Daddy of the Year is hands-down going to my husband, Bobby. He is unbelievably amazing with our twin boys. I don't even know where to start. 

Even from the very first hours with Taylen he was incredible. He was up all night checking for breath and life while I slept trying to regain strength for baby number two to come. In the hospital after a c-section he was the primary care provider for newborn Taylen, and ran back and forth between him and Dayr in the NICU. He checked on the babies in the night and even ran to the store for me to have some (non-alcoholic) beer to try to get milk flowing (without success).

As soon as we were all home he was gung-ho for changing diapers, making bottles, giving baths! WOW!
Bob's first picture with Taylen!
Taylen's first bath
Now things have started to settle down a bit. We're getting into a little more of a routine, and again I have Bob to thank for that. 
Snuggling Taylen
Helping mom out with three-month-old pictures

Dayr finally home from the Hospital

Here's an example of a typical night where I'm gone working, and Bob’s home taking (amazing) care of the boys:

I leave between 4:00 and 6:00 most nights. Bob is busy making a bottle for the boys as soon as I'm gone. He somehow manages to feed both boys simultaneously AND keep them happy, whereas I have yet to master the feat. After they're fed he finds time for some play, dancing or exercise (for the boys or for all three of them by going for a walk). When they get back home it’s time for some SOLID FOODS! Whenever I try to feed the boys they scream and cry, but luckily when Bob jumps in they're happy and quiet-- humph!? He even goes so far as to peel the egg in front of them, take a bite, and then offer them some... How creative. Not to mention, they love it! Mom’s approach is much simpler and boring: spoon, egg, mouth. Hmmm? You hate it? No wonder!
Double duty on a walk
Hanging out down by the river
Baby-wearing in the park

After dinner it’s upstairs for a bath. They get scrubbed, they laugh, they even have tummy-time here! He manages to get both boys out safely and quickly, too!

Since reading some research about bedtime sleep routines (we're having a heck of a time getting the boys to sleep longer than two hours at night) Bob agreed to try some massage after the bath, followed by quiet time, a final bottle, and bed. Could I ask for a better partner in the adventure that is raising twins? I don't think so!
They just love to look at him!

On top of everything else, he's up with me in the middle of the night and offers to make coffee, stay up and let me go back to sleep in the morning. Wow again. I could say that I don't mean to brag... but I'd be lying! I am one lucky mama :)

The first 6 months with these twins has been rough. Coffee and spit-up have been abundant, and sleep has not. Thankfully we've made it this far and I know that paired as the dynamic duo that we are, we're somehow going to survive this (even if at some point EVERY day we just don't think we will).

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  1. You feed them eggs? I've read different things on food introductions, but the Pediatrician said to hold off. Hmmph.

    You are surely one lucky lady. Such a great Daddy!



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