Thursday, August 11, 2011


I am determined to give the twins every happiness I can imagine, every smile I can come up with, I just want them to experience it ALL! That being said, I also want them to have unique memories apart from their friends' and to know that their mom is a little crazy and fun.
So... I got the idea in my head that I was going to make them a very small half birthday celebration. Since their extended family is across the country, it would just be enough for me, Bob, and the babies. I decided on a half-decorated half-of-a-cake for each, each half in a different color. Both were made from strawberry cake and frosting (a nod to my husbands childhood birthdays filled with his favorite- pink cakes).
Taylen's half was blue and Dayr's was green.
They looked great, I even cut two matching candles in half and thought we could sing half a birthday song for each. Since they were born on separate days I thought the celebration would last two days. Wrong. Trying to put 6-month-old babies in their high chairs long enough for dinner is one thing, but then cleaning them up and expecting them to sit through a song, candle and cake cutting is another. On Taylen's day the boys were so fussy after dinner that they went straight to the tub and then down for the night. Yesterday was Dayr's half Birthday and we tried again. I got everything ready: cake, dinner, high chairs, the lighter, my husband, and then we started. The boys ate their dinner in record time and then it was on to the cake. (Yay because this sweet tooth of mine had been waiting impatiently for days now!)

My husband lit the candles and we sang them one whole birthday song:

Happy half birthday to you
Happy half birthday to you
Happy half birthday to our babies (or "to Taylen and Dayr"- my husband and I sang it different, we don't know what we're doing!)
Happy half birthday to you!

Then while holding their eager hands away from the flames my husband and I blew out the candles. The boys watched in awe. I fed Dayr with my hands, mushing the cake as we went. This was by far the most solid/dry thing the boys had ever eaten.

Side note: speaking of solid and dry, Bob reported that Dayr had his first real poop today! No more mush, just one solid poo! YAY!

Bob fed Taylen with a spoon. The boys were happy while we shoved food in their faces, but break for a moment and our ears took a beating.

All-in-all it was as successful as I'd hoped, and I will have plenty more years to come up with kooky ideas for these two loves. In the meantime I'm going to focus on giving them the love they need now so that someday when they're better able they're willing to sit through a silly celebration with me :)
Admiring a fire for the very first time.

Taylen waiting semi-patiently.
"Shovel it in, dad!"
Dayr ready for action.
Dayr enjoys trying to feed himself.

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