Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Now Playing: The Nugget and Archie Show

Ever since I can remember Bob has been calling the boys Nugget (that's Taylen) and Archie (that'd be Dayr). Taylen's nickname came about after I got comfy calling him tater tot and that somehow transformed into a chicken nugget (delicious together, no doubt). Dayr got his nickname from the GIANT arch he puts in his back when you're holding him and that's clearly not what he wants. I thought I'd use the nice play on words for some cinematic photos of the boys.

Recently we took them the the mall to play in the kid's play area with all the squishy insects and wildlife. They enjoyed crawling through tunnels the most, and were plum tuckered out after only 20 short minutes.
Taylen and Dayr captivated by daddy at the other end of the log
Dayr in the "river"
Taylen melted my heart to mush when he crawled through the log to ME!
This is how Dayr smiles when the light is too too brite :)

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