Saturday, March 16, 2013


Why? because...
1. I don't always require my son to be buckled in the stroller.
 photo SANY8662_zpsd2c94185.jpg
2. I take lots of pictures, even if we're not all smiling. photo SANY8674_zps84624d8a.jpg

3. I find it amusing to watch my son drink from (non-alcoholic) beer bottles - labeled Indian, from Puerto Rico.
 photo SANY8677_zpsa902c153.jpg

4. I often don't require my kids to get "dressed" for the day. photo SANY8657_zps5bbccd39.jpg

5. I spell out fun messages on playground equipment instead of watching my child's every move.
 photo SANY8648_zpsb7f44b4d.jpg

6. I don't always require my daughter to wear a coat in the winter. photo SANY8653_zps9e8940b9.jpg
7. My kids often go out in mismatched clothing. photo SANY8655_zps332df14c.jpg
8. They skateboard and they're only two-years-old. photo SANY8666_zps7e2ef020.jpg

 photo SANY8633_zps54c14679.jpg
9. I don't always wipe their noses.
 photo SANY8634_zps900d3ef3.jpg

 photo SANY8643_zpsf5c10693.jpg

10. I wear the Moby but don't make her use it.
 photo SANY8629_zps53125acb.jpg
 photo SANY8627_zps95274e81.jpg
11. I let their pants get wet on the snowy slide
 photo SANY8628_zps1705963f.jpg
12. I photograph leaves instead of hovering over my toddlers while they play.  photo SANY8630_zps48e9aa77.jpg

But on the other hand I:
1. Make outdoor time accessible at all costs. No Excuses.
2. Document our family fun for my already-shady memory,and growing kids who will someday be curious.
3. Foster a sense of World Exploration.
4. Foster a sense of Self Exploration.
5. Allow for "unsupervised" imaginative play.
6. Cultivate thick skinned children, in every way.
7. Allow them to express creativity through clothing choice or lack thereof.
8. Encourage their natural interests.
9. Facilitate a sense of desire for personal care.
10. Condone breaking boundaries.
11. Introduce opportunities for decisions.
12. See number five above.

There are two sides to every story. What did you see in mine? Have you ever had similar feelings - as a parent or elsewhere in life?

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  1. I LOVE this. Honestly I think all those things everyone as a parent does. I know we have jammie day in our house, and they get wet on the slides. (but they do learn to watch before going down)

    They hurt themselves because they try things an i let them. while other moms gasp at me.

    In the end my kids learn through their own injuries and being cold and everything else. And they remember how much fun we had doing things.

    Yes I don't force the coat, I have made them LEARN that it really is cold outside.

    1. Yes, I think you make a great point. Kids learning to think for themselves is SO important and the earlier they can begin to do it the more fine-tuned their skills can become :)

  2. If that is a bad mom, I'm horrible! I'm the mom who never had socks on the kids and let them run around the house even in winter bare foot! Being a good mom is definitely more than what you do that people have a problem with. It's about teaching our kids to become confident fully functioning adults! Way to go Crista!

    1. Hello my "horrible mom" friend :) Glad to have you aboard!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Carly! And thank you for reading. I appreciate all of my readers SO much more than you know!

  4. That's funny. Before I had kids, I couldn't believe those horrible parents who let their kids walk around with snot coming out of their noses. Then I became a parent, and I realized it was either wiping snot off their faces every 10 minutes all winter, or realizing it won't kill them to have some snot on their faces...

    1. Oren,

      Unfortunately I used to have a pair of judgery glasses too that I looked through. My new motto is "NEVER say NEVER!" and I mean it... NEVER! :)

  5. Beautiful post... all the things that make a mom a mom. :)

    1. It is those little things that really make it real, isn't it Tonya?

  6. So you are letting kids have fun learning experiences and not worried with perfection at every moment. :) good mom.

  7. More moms should do what you do!

    1. Krista! Great name! (I spell mine Crista as you may or may not know). ANYWAY I could not agree with you more but I think (or at least I hope) that we're all doing the best we can do!

  8. Thank you for letting your kids be kids! I wish more moms let their kids just play outside!

    1. Diane,

      You're the second person to thank me for that this week! The first was a woman commenting on the fact that my twins were bustin' a move on the Hollister steps in the mall. Pure class :)

  9. That's exactly the kind of mom I was/am. Mine are teens now. They rarely wore clothes in the house when they were little. My son wore shorts outside when it was cold because it made him happy. Hey, they know their bodies. Let them decide!

    1. Christy,
      Kids that don't get dressed, I figure, are just making our lives as parents easier. Am I right?!

  10. Hello ther! I found your blog from top baby blogs. Thanks for this post! So inspirational!

    1. Krysta! Great name! :) (I spelled mine Crista). So glad to have you reading - I appreciate ALL my readers SO much!

  11. Wonderful post! Not bad mom - great mom!

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