Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ayara: 11 Months!

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What's up blog world? It's Ayara here for another rendition of  What The Heck Has Ayara Been Doing? Since I last checked in at nine-months-old a lot has happened in my world!
I'll start from the beginning genius


Celebrated my brothers turning TWO!
Had my finger nails painted for the first time
Popped in another tooth
Stood for a few with NO assistance
Took baths by myself sitting up

I also:
Attended a Matilda Jane Trunk Show with my mom
love to eat any and everything and feed myself
graham crackers are a favorite because I can hold them and eat the whole thing myself
took lots of walks in the stroller of course
attended toddler open gym with the big kids
nurse much less maybe once in the morning and once at night
slept three night in-a-row all through the night (7:30 pm - 7:30 am at least!)  
mom's hoping that last one isn't a fluke

I'm really looking forward to my FIRST BIRTHDAY! Stay tuned for al the tasty details! That's a theme hint!

Here's some of my most recent awesomeness for your viewing pleasure:

 photo SANY8533_zps92926278.jpg photo SANY8548_zps67c4bd7a.jpg photo SANY8529_zps631505c2.jpg
"stop with the camera!" // self-fed // long lashes
"Looking Back" see me at:
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  1. She's adorable! Congrats on her sleeping through the night for a few days. That's always nice!

    1. Thank you (on both accounts)! She was up last night (and the night before, unfortunately) she just got a new tooth :( Boo! It was wonderful while it lasted :D


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