Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ayara: 4 Months!

Can you believe I've already been in this world for four months? To the day? I couldn't believe it either, until I got to the pediatrician the other day and they reminded me with some yucky pokey shots. Oh, and she said I weigh a whopping 15 pounds, 6 ounces and I'm 25 3/4" long! I'm just relieved to have that appointment behind me. On a positive note, I've been doing all sorts of fun things lately:

Visiting with my brother Soleil
Swimming in Lake Michigan
Strolling downtown
Attending family functions
Watching live baseball
Visiting my mom and dad's hometowns

I've been having a blast! On top of all of those things I've also:

started teething
rolled over: back-to-front & front-to-back
slept in my own big girl crib (in the same room as my brothers!)
I heard my mom crying after she laid me in the crib, saying something like "they grow up so fast" whatever that means; I've been a big girl for a long time!

I love being upright more than anything else (except mommy-baby bonding time, and when daddy says "Do you want to go to poo-poo island?") Check out mom's pics of me performing my new baby trick below.



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