Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Brave Unicorn

I LOVE a good book, but even more than that I love sharing good books with my kids.

After reading The Brave Unicorn I am eagerly anticipating it's arrival into the paperback world. It features plump, cuddly characters experiencing a variety of philosophical life lessons. From western philosophy to eastern values, you're sure to find a gem you'll enjoy. It's a real cultural stew.
One of my favorite quotes:

“This hat is powerful, you must wear it each day
It will protect you from fears that might come your way.

On it I’ve written a note you must read again and again,
It says ‘If Not Me, Who? If Not Now, When?”
Repeat this saying, when you are challenged or weak,
If you have faith, you will gain what you seek.

Keep your eyes peeled for this book on shelves soon!


  1. :) sounds like a great book to read to the kids!

  2. Thanks for sharing!! LOVE new books the kids would like!!!

    1. Check it out on their website, you can get a good preview!

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