Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ayara: 8 Months!

"Hey all, Ayara here! "
Can you believe it's been eight months already since I made my worldly debut? Time sure is flying by!
I'm the oldest that I've ever been [hehe].
SO much has been happening in my life since my last update, too.
I sprouted TWO teeth
and then I sprouted TWO more!
I'm still  breastfeeding mom seems particularly proud of that 
but I do love my cereal:
whole wheat cereal, soymilk and fruit or veggie puree, yum!

I can:
reach for (and grab) toys
do push-ups
roll over and over and over and over
belly laugh
put things in my mouth
including my feet, I LOVE my feet!

I can't quite sit up on my own, or crawl,
but I'm really close on both of those!

I love my big girl baths! See?...

Mom thinks my hairy butt is cute?!

This Fall I also:

Went trick-or-treating in my Moby Wrap
Saw Santa for the first time
Visited the State Theatre
Rode a Carousel
Made hand-print ornaments
Felt snow

Any suggestions for fun baby winter activities?
Ciao for now!
Love, Ayara

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  1. Sooo cute. 8 months FLY by!
    and the hairy butt? adorable.


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