Saturday, December 8, 2012

What Twins Eat: 1

It's been a chore getting the twins to eat a balanced diet lately.
First they didn't feel good,
and now it seems they've become picky eaters overnight.
So in an attempt to create a database for myself,
I'm going to log their eats.
Here's what was on tonights vegan menu:


I'd love to hear vegan (or nearly-vegan) suggestions if you have them, too!


  1. My kids have always been great eaters. They have always eaten exactly what I put in front of them - no matter what it was. They just smile and say Thanks Mom! This is awesome. Ummmmm.... NOT! Great idea to keep up with what you are serving. But in the end, I always take my pediatricians advice... Serve them good food. They will eventually if they are hungry. Good luck!

    1. Good advice from your pediatrician! It' so easy to forget the simple steps when babies are goig crazy :)

  2. Love the healthy diet!!

    jen at dapperhpouse


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