Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Number 2

 photo Twins2ndBirthday_zpsfb46c556.jpg
Thank you Goodwill for the delicious Birthday banner!
Thank you WalMart for the super awesome robot cups!
Thank you Daddy for the Birthday hair cuts!
Thank you Tay, Day & Ay for being so STINKIN' cute!
If you didn't get the memo, our twins turned TWO! We've been cleaning up a LOT of fun from this weekend! Parents of twins (and more): you KNOW we deserve some sort of momentous celebration. Non-twin parents, you probably think I'm dramatic.

I still am in disbelief that two year have gone by. It seems like just yesterday... cliché, yadda yadda.

I know why you're here.
I am a people-pleaser, so your wish is my command!
I broke them into groups to make them easier to digest.
Speaking of digest, I had no problem with the boys' Birthday cake, especially now that I'm trying to eat healthier. Didn't jive well with MyFitnesspal, though!
 photo Twins2ndBirthday-002_zps1098a5bb.jpg
One BIG happy family. Heart.
 photo Twins2ndBirthday-001_zps88d1c510.jpg
Ayara partied like a wild woman in full Birthday regalia.

 photo Twins2ndBirthday-003_zps7c0335c8.jpg
BIRTHDAY HATS! These boys love hats SO much it would be a sin not to make have them wear the traditional head adornment! What? They loved it!

 photo Twins2ndBirthday-004_zpsd5d40787.jpg
And last but certainly not least the presents! We'll be having a BLAST this summer with new:
sand box / swimming pool
only one of those, look out!
big wheel bikes
and soccer balls!
No doubt these boys are loved.
Happy Birthday(s) my babies! Stay forever young.
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  1. so so cute! my little guy is just a few weeks older - I think they'd have lots of fun together! he loves his scooter :)

    1. Oh, how sweet! Wish we could get them together!


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