Monday, February 11, 2013

37 Months

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Sometimes you need sugar.

Sometimes you've got to get away.

And sometimes it's your Anniversary - more than a month ago - but having three babies makes it impossible to do anything in a timely fashion so you suck-it-up and celebrate your 37 months together, instead of three years!

The latter applies here. Of course the other two apply, too, just not in as big of a dose.

Behold our celebration.

Bob orchestrated and I (albeit unknowingly) nearly squashed.

A glimpse:

Bob: "Check inside that DVD case, make sure the movie is there."

Me: " *shake, shake* It's in there, I hear it"
Completely missing his cute love note clue!

Bob: "Open it!"

Me: -quickly realizing where this game was going- "aweeeee"

And so our night progressed through a delicious dinner (with a generous gift card from my mother-in-law) to a restaurant we'd never been, down a snowy road to a sweet shop, and home once again to our three little loves (and one Grammy that so graciously babysits so so very often).

 photo SANY7637_zps3e55111d.jpg
 photo SANY7645_zps17456a10.jpg
My sexy stud, looking as smoldering as the day we met!
 photo SANY7640_zpsa2bbf0fd.jpg
Is it just me, or do these desserts look pretty sexy, too?
 photo SANY7639_zps6d7f499d.jpg
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