Wednesday, March 13, 2013


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I had a really satisfying experience with my blender tonight and wanted to pass along the love.
A friend gave me a recipe for what she called Basil Avocado Pesto but upon further inspection it was not a pesto at all since you need cheese + oil among other things to make that, (typically).
SO I altered the recipe for our family's nutritional needs and I have for you an original creation that I am calling:
Basil Avocado Pine Nut Sauce that tastes a heck of a lot like awesome vegan pesto!
Classy, right?
It's super simple to make and so far has tasted great as a veggie dip and over whole wheat pasta.
  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 1/2 C basil, tightly packed
  • 1/4 C pine nuts
  • 3 T. lemon juice, fresh or fridge
  • 1 T water
  • 1 t. salt
Add all ingredients to a food processor or blender and blend / pulse until a thick sauce is achieved. Taste and make sure it's to your liking. Mine is very acidic from the lemon juice and I like it that way. It should be fresh, zesty, and mostly smooth. I left my pine nuts a bit chunky for some crunch, you could add them after pureeing the rest for additional texture, too!
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Try it with:
  • Spinach Salad
  • Roasted Broccoli
  • Whole Wheat Pasta
  • Pita Bread
  • ??
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The options are numerous and each delicious and fresh.
How did you enjoy yours?

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