Monday, December 26, 2011


This year for Christmas we decided to scale back quite a bit and get back to the real joy in this season which for us comes from quality time and genuine giving, expecting nothing in return. The boys received just a couple special, well-thought-out gifts, making the reception magic for both the giver and the receiver. We played beautiful music on hand-made instruments and spent lots of time simply conversing. The memories we made, in my humble opinion, far surpass Christmases past.
Bob experimenting with a Native American love flute

Boppa and Tay (left) and a sleepy Dayr (right)

Taylen and Dayr with Grammy's mini tree in a new high chair

Gamma playing a two-sided flute

Dayr and Daddy- the boys were up LATE!

Christmas morning

Gifts from mom and dad - two bright rubber balls

Dayr always looks like he can't be bothered for a picture ;)

Merry Christmas and, in the words of my husband, "Happy Everything!" From our family to yours!

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