Monday, December 26, 2011

PREGNANCY // PREGNANCY NUMBER TWO UPDATE: 21 WEEKS [announcing the babe to the Blog]

Some time in early September mom and dad realized they were going to be very busy coming up soon... there are going to be THREE BABIES in this home! We were doing the "if it happens, it happens" thing and guess what -- it happened! Baby #3 is due Saturday, May 5th, 2012. Cinco de Mayo -Talk about a fiesta!

Today mom is 21.5 weeks pregnant and has had two ultrasounds. The first one was in NV and resulted in a less-than-satisfying picture of our then eight-week-old fetus baby. The week before Christmas we were fortunate enough to get to see baby again and guess what ... she's a SHE!  :)  (at least they're fairly certain, there really is no guarantee). We are BEYOND thrilled! Here are her latest close-ups:

A great face-forward shot

Her petite profile

Daddy says "her feet look just like her brothers'!"

3D Magic - look at those knuckles!
It's a girl!

I was fortunate enough to have my mom with me during the ultrasound and my brother, Uncle Eric, graciously agreed to watch the boys while we went. Bob, unfortunately, was at work. Since we were so excited I decided to do a small gender-reveal activity for my brother and husband once we were back home. And of course, I had to involve Taylen and Dayr in guessing baby's gender, too!

20 weeks (I wore Bob's tank top to the ultrasound since he couldn't be there)
Uncle Eric was suprised!

And finally daddy's home and says...

"I knew it was a girl!"

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