Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dayr is 10-months-old!

My sweet Dayr,

On this day when you have turned 10-months-old I want to write a love letter to you. In just two short months you will be one whole year old, and on your way to becoming a toddler, and then a young boy. So on and so on you will grow until one day you're old enough to understand how much I love you. The day I knew you were coming, July 4, 2010, I was ecstatic. I wanted to celebrate, cry, and laugh all at once.

You make me smile so easily. You are already so accomplished, I see the pride behind your eyes. You love to crawl up and down the hallway, peeking back at me occasionally, just because you can. Your will to explore is so strong. You insist on standing up in the bathtub, feeding yourself whenever possible, and showing me how you can roll, smile and drink from a sippy cup so well!

You have four teeth already! You unfortunately have your first ear infection, too. You're growing fast, you're already 26 3/4 inches tall! You weigh 18 pounds and you have a 45.6 cm head (you're in the 50th percentile there). I love every inch and pound of you.

Thank you for helping me to see the world as if it's brand new. I love that about you.

I will always love you,


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