Friday, January 27, 2012

Solving Kitchen Problems

When the boys started crawling into the oven's bottomost drawer and couldn't safely get out, began banging glass casserole dishes on the floor, and discovered the array of cleaners beneath the sink, we knew it was time for a gate. A gift from our family quickly restrained our curious boys, but the idea of keeping them from the kitchen all together didn't appeal to us. That's when Grandma Weaver offered to buy the boys a nice wooden kitchen as an early Birthday gift. How perfect!

The kitchen arrived and within a day we were busy putting together hundreds of tiny wooden parts. After more than 3 hours and a trip to the store for a better screwdriver, we were done! The boys couldn't wait to crawl inside the fridge, lick the knobs and open and close all the doors.

Mission accomplished: two safe boys nurturing their kitchen passions and curiosity.

The "before" -- Bob realizing this is going to be a BIG job!
about an hour in ...
Taylen enjoying his new toy
The naked chefs
Dayr loves to be in the fridge

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