Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blob (it's a blog about Bob!)

My husband is a GENIUS! He is this for many, many reasons but most recently for coming up with an excellent space-saving, mess-eliminating idea.

We had been storing soap on the shower ledges and letting it form a bubbly, messy crust on the ledge and walls after every shower; it also would come crashing down when you least expected it ("hey, how'd I get shampoo in my eye?! ... WHAT WAS THAT NOISE!?").

(I suggested soap-on-a-rope to which he replied "I ain't payin' for that!")

So the other day we go to the store and buy some fruit, I don't remember which kind, that came in a neat little mesh baggie. LOW AND BEHOLD he hung that sucker up on one of the shower curtain hooks and VOILA... no more mess! No more shattered soap chunks on the shower floor!

Check it our for yourself (and try it!):

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