Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Welcome, me, to my second go-round at the THIRD TRIMESTER! This is such an exciting time. There are names to be discussed (we're notorious for waiting until the last minute), clothes to wash and put away, a nursery to reorganize and not to mention plenty of sleep to be stored for the days when baby G is finally in our arms and we can't even remember what sleep is.

I'm excited to be nearing the end, but also am so anxious for what to expect in the Hospital. With the twins we always knew we were going to birth at home and so this is my first time preparing for a Hospital birth. I will admit I am not so thrilled about that. At home I loved: being able to walk around the block with my husband, eating and drinking as I pleased, not being tethered to a bed or monitor and most of all I loved having the big water tub for labor right in the comfort of our bedroom. I wore anything I wanted (or didn't want) and called most of the shots... it was very peaceful and pleasant.

For the Hospital I've already been warned of some of the key differences such as constant fetal monitoring and visits from a variety of staff for various reasons. Right now I'm keeping my mind focused on doing the best that I can do. I'm trying not to get my hopes up for one thing or another and simply remain calm and know that everything is going to be okay. After all that's all that I can do, right?

On a pregnancy related note I've been having AWFUL nightmares for weeks now. Has anyone else experienced this with pregnancy? With the twins I remember having vivid dreams but now I am waking up sweating, crying, and shoving my husband. After a quick check on the boys I can usually get back to sleep but they're always the same nightmare and lately they've been increasing in intensity.

At the start of this third trimester I find that I'm feeling surprisingly well. Besides some minor body aches (mostly in the back) and going to the bathroom 100x/night, things are going smooth. We managed to throw a Birthday Party for the twins (more from that to come SOON!) and so have been busy, busy cleaning, organizing, and visiting galore.

Happy Hump Day, all! Or if you're pregnant... BUMP day!


  1. Love the bump! I can't believe the next time I see you I'll be meeting THREE of your children!

  2. With Norah I was still able to move around and do whatever I wanted, since the silly monitors kept coming off anyway--the nurse just had to follow me around and hold them on my belly during and after contractions, so make your nurse do the same thing! :-)

  3. I know, Sierra! That's mind-blowing really!

    Shelagh- I will DEFINITELY ask about that and demand it in the nicest way possible :) I do NOT look forward to discussing an internal monitor at ALL! Hopes are to avoid that 100%.

  4. Hey you. I am right with you. I have had nightmares this pregnancy for months now. It also wakes me up sweating and crying. Also I seem to be very emotional this time. Yesterday my Husband asked me on a date, and I started balling. And when we got there I started crying again.. laughing at myself cause there was no reason at all...You got to love the pregnancy things. I am also in my third trimester this Saturday.. So our new baby boy "Logan" will be here real soon....

  5. Congratulations, Christina! Third trimester lovin' coming your way :) xx


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