Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Date Night In

I'd always read about inexpensive, creative date night ideas for couples and brushed them off because they sounded so cheesy. Lately, however, Bob and I have been craving some "us" time and so had to be innovative about finding a way to feel special without spending oodles of money, requiring the services of a sitter, etc.

I saw somewhere that having a picnic in your living room was a nice way to connect and feel special and so Bob and I agreed to try it. Bob prepared delicious salmon dip, shrimp cocktail, and a gorgeous fresh veggie tray. We waited until we were sure the boys were good and asleep, laid out our cutesy picnic blanket (it conveniently folds up into it's own bag, too!) and popped in a free movie rental from the local library. Tell me that doesn't sound both entertaining and economical!

Pregnancy update: 31 weeks large. hmmpfh

Of course we both passed out long before the movie's end. The plus side: What was going to be just one date night is now conveninetly two! ;)

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