Friday, March 2, 2012

Like my Mom...

I remember as a kid being so excited to dress up in someone else's clothes. Trying on my mom's wedding dress (it fit me in the 5th grade) gave me a magical feeling. Going out for Halloween in costume provided a sense of wonder and make-believe.

Now that they're mobile (not to mention uber curious) I see the same amount of magic and wonder in my boys.

In fact, they were recently caught trying on my sweater and scarf.

Maybe they're aware of what they're doing, maybe they're just entertaining me by default, but either way it's nice to see them interested in what I do (or in this case wear).

It's just another reminder of the fact they the are, in fact, a piece of me. And what a cute piece, too!

Tay gets embarassed when he's caught being cute

TGIF y'all! And p.s.- Happy (belated) March!
...(my Birthday month!)

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