Thursday, February 21, 2013


I read a sign recently on an old Billboard:

"Plenty Ought to be Enough."

It's a perfect mantra for us. My husband always says "we suffer from abundance," and it's true. Even when we were $100,000 + in debt - due to a surprise birth scenario - we still managed to have more than we'd ever need.

The other day, however, I noticed that mantra falling short.

We were watching our kids play - all three of them - the twins together and Ayara off on her own. Ut oh. I started to think about how nice it would be for her to have a playmate. A short convo with Bob later and we were both saying "let's think about it."

That was two days ago and you bet I've thought about it since then.

When we got together Bob asked "how many kids would you like to have?" and my response was "eight!" I know it took him by surprise but he was on board in no time. The truth is that even though we're both feeling "the itch" to grow our family, now is not a perfect time. Not only is our home just right and car seating maxxed out, but my body still hasn't healed from the traumatic back-to-back pregnancies (twins and - a short 14 months later - a 12-pound-preemie).

Playing devil's advocate (or maybe just being the intellectual that he is) Bob reminded me that if you wait for the timing to be perfect for having a baby, you might wait your life away. He makes a good point. Having a baby brings a lot of unexpected: financially, emotionally, relationshipally - that's a lot of  "allys".

 photo kids_zps90319aa8.jpg

For now all that we know is that when it comes to growing a family, ours is not replete. We're both on the same page - or at least reading the same chapter - and will see what the future holds.

I'd love to hear your future plans. Is your family complete?


  1. What a lovely picture!

    I would absolutely love another but just don't think going to be possible :-(

    I would absolutely love for you to link up at the new linky party - The Friday Baby Shower - for everything pregnancy and new baby. Old and new posts very welcome Alice @ Mums Make Lists

  2. Very cute picture. Children are such a special gift!

  3. I have heard that before... if you wait for the time to be right it will never happen. :-)
    I am not sure I want more kids, but my husband does. Good luck to you on your eight... I hope to never have that many, lol.

  4. Three is the perfect number for us - but everyone has to decide what is good for them! Best of luck as you decide the next step! One thing I know for sure - I love my kiddos!!!

  5. You kids are adorable! I have 4 kids, and let me tell you it's so much work! I know you already know since you have 3 but believe me the extra 1 makes a difference. I feel like I stretch myself so thin, and never have enough time for everything I would like to do with them. I think more than anything is having enough time when you have so many kids.

  6. I planned to have four children. I have a 16 yo and a 3 yo with several miscarriages in between. We have two perfectly children and I will be happy with that. I would give anything to be able to adopt my other two but my husband is to afraid that the courts would just rip them away somehow for the biological parents so it will not happen. Good luck with your adventure on growing your family!

  7. Love the picture! I've got the itch but my husband does not. I wish he had your husband's mentality! ;)

  8. I think the most important thing is to let your body heal before trying for another baby. You need to be healthy. We have two kids and are planning on having a few more eventually.

  9. We feel like our family is complete. We have one child who is almost out of the house. I definitely don't want to start over, lol!



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