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Happy Twin Tuesday my dear readers! Before you roll your eyes into the back of your head because you A) don't have twins or B) don't want to read about them let me remind you that the likelihood of having twins is now 1 in 30 (as of 2010, babycenter.com). Those are some pretty steep odds! Unless you're living under a rock one of the following situations likely applies to you:
  1. You are a twin. Great for you! Everywhere you go people ask you what it's like, and you no doubt get sick of it.
  2.  You have twins of your own. Congratulations on being part of an amazing world! Twins are unlike anything else - the bond, the care, the stress, the happiness - oh and congrats on winning the lottery, too! wink
  3.  You have twins somewhere in your family tree. Again, very common. In our family I have an Aunt + Uncle who are fraternal twins (you'd think the fact that they're of the opposite sex would be a giveaway on the "fraternal thing" but trust me, it is not), and Bob has a Grandpa/Great Uncle identical twin pair.
  4. You know someone who has/had/will be having twins. You know, your co-worker's best friend's daughter in-law. It counts. 
Having twins is like winning the lottery! At least that's what my husband always says. Although thinking back on those statistics up there ^ I'm not so sure it's mathematically adding up BUT we'll go with it, for poetry's sake. But my personal catch phrase after the birth of my sons was

"I wouldn't change it for the world, but I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy."
I hate that I said that but it was so true for me at first. No one prepares you for what it will be like with twins at home... because no one can - not parent's who have "been there", not your folks, no one. That's why I'm so happy to have recently met Nikki of RushedMommy.com, she gets it at a very personal level, because she has twins of her own. She, like me, has already survived the first year of their life, and I'm willing to bet she'll tell you it is all a blur, too. I think she's awesome because not only is she a mother of twins + one but she also: is a teacher, writes a blog (some of my favorite people do this, eh hem- me!) and has time to post things like mouth-watering recipes + meal planning templates! Here's what she has to say about adding twins to the fam, read up - this affects you, too!
A coworker asked me last week, “What is it like adding twins to your family?”
Let’s put it this way: There is a ride at Disneyland called “Big Thunder Mountain Railroad”, and it’s set up to mimic the old west. You are seated in a train that speeds through dynamite-laced mines and over gold panning streams. As riders begin their journey, an old-timey miner’s voice comes over the intercom and warns folks to “hang on to your hats and glasses, ‘cuz this here’s the wildest ride in the wilderness!”
Twins are like an e-ticket ride. It’s parenting, full-speed.
Don’t get me wrong, having twins is a joy and a blessing. You come home from the hospital with two little sets of baby cheeks ready to be smooched, two round tummies so easy to tickle, and two perfect little mouths to admire. It’s double the happiness as soon as you meet your new babies.
Of course there are plenty of challenges, especially if you have other children. But all parents of twins somehow manage these new difficulties in their own way. There isn’t a right or wrong method for bathing them, feeding them, or getting them to sleep through the night. You just have to do what works best for your family. If you are expecting twins, you already know that their arrival is going to totally change your life. And, unfortunately, no parenting book can fully prepare you for how to manage your unique family and your circumstances. There is a lot of good advice to be gleaned from books, forums, and other moms. Filter out the weird stuff and use the ideas that are a good fit for your family.
I don’t have a lot of advice to offer soon-to-be parents of twins because, like many moms, I’m not sure if I’m even doing this parenting thing right. I think that’s why, when parents of multiples are out with their small children, other parents of multiples always say, “It gets easier”. It’s the abbreviation for, “I know what you’re going through and how hard things are, but hang in there-the ride’s just getting good!”
Twins are a blast. If you stay positive and focus on love, patience, and the miracle of their existence, adding twins to your family can take you on the wildest ride in the wilderness. 

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