Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Very Hungry Caterpillar [Fun To See Review + Giveaway]

Things I like about living in an apartment: not doing maintenance (hmm... short list)
Things I dislike about living in an apartment: lack of sunshine, inability to decorate freely,
crazy neighbors, stealing, graffiti... (the list goes on and on)

 The scenario:
Our poor babies have been staring at blank walls since we moved from Nevada in October.
Bob took days painting and decorating their nursery there, it was beautiful!
We couldn't decide what to do for them that would be temporary, beautiful,
and easily removable since we are living in an apartment.

We were so excited to stumble on their website.
Anything that entertains twins for more than two minutes gets a win in my book!

They have many options for decorating kids' room (not just bedrooms, playrooms, too!)
all completely removable and easy to apply.
I decided to try the Very Hungry Caterpillar Room Decorating Kit
per the boys' love of the book (and anything Eric Carle, really).

The minute the decals arrived we ripped them open.
Inside were contact sheets in a manageable size,
a "squeegee" to rub out air bubbles,
and instructions for application.
Easy enough!

The following is what unfolded: 

In addition to these fun decals they also offer entire room makeover kits,
stickable borders and alphabets, a variety of decor themes,
free printable coloring sheets, how-to tips, and arts & crafts supplies

What I Love:
gorgeous vivid colors, completely removable and/or transferable, stunning Eric Carle picture replicas, easy to handle large sizes, learning tools built-in (numbers 1-10, days of the week, fruits, colors), kit includes everything you need (no running to the kitchen for scissors, a ruler, tape)

What I'd Like:
I would only change two details, that don't coincide with the book precisely. Number one is the number of "caterpillar holes" cut into the leaf decal (four in the book, one in the decal), which may or may not be an issue as the boys become more aware of details in design. Number two: the book only counts up to five, but the decals come with numbers 1-10, making five numbers unnecessary extras.

Price To Buy: $40.00

I am glad to have found something so easy to apply for our temporary apartment stay (total application time was a mere 20 minutes). FunToSee is a great company to communicate with and made the entire process effortless. And finally they created a simple, beautiful decoration kit that satisfied all the kids in my life! wink wink

Win one [below] for yourself and add some simple beauty to your life!

Winner has been chosen and notified, check your email! [9.8]

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I received the above mentioned room kit for review. I was not compensated in any other way. The opinions herein are 100% my own.


  1. I love the butterfly... my little girls room is butterflies and it would work so well. Also love the fact that they are easy to peel and stick. thanks!

    1. They really are a breeze! We had some debate over the placement of the fruit (I wavered, I wanted it different) and my husband was able to fix it no problem! Even after the sticker sat for minutes :) I'm sure your daughter WOULD love them, they're amazing!

  2. I love how you can tell the story on the walls. I also love the numbers to encourage counting!

    1. The numbers are GREAT! What's better is I can ask my kids (they're only 18-months-old), from any room in the house, where is the... (coccoon, leaf, cheese, sunshine, etc.) and they go to their room and point it out!

  3. I love the numbers and the paint brush strokes that match the book's illustrations!

    1. The resemblance is unmistakable. They did an amazing job printing these.

  4. Those are so pretty! The fact that they are learning tools too is a BIG plus!

  5. What a cool thing to use for decor. IT would be cool in a classroom too!

  6. I love the fact that you can reposition them! They are so cool but kids would want to have mom move them from time to time Cool!

    1. You make a good point. When something is left in one place it becomes "wallpaper" but moving them around occasionally would keep the interest! I like it :)

  7. very very bizzarre...... I just clicked on the link to view the decals which are beautiful ... and completely unprompted my partber started reading THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR.... :) what are the chances??? but it is one of her favourite stories

  8. I love the photos showing the caterpillars cycle to turn into a butterfly.

    Jamie Brigham
    PrettyInPinkWife @ aol dot com

  9. I love how the pictures really match the book it would be awesome to tell the story just from the wall decals the kids would love it
    kelly willis

  10. I like that they look like hand painted murals.

  11. I did just want to mention something about your review. You said the number 1 is with the leaf, but the #1 is supposed to be with the apple. The leaf, yes it should have more holes in it though


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