Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Twin Tuesday: When You Want To Nap

The birds will sing louder
Butts will EXPLODE with poop
The sun will shine brighter
You'll get a delivery you weren't expecting
and anything else that can go wrong, inevitably will

But then you'll remember that somewhere in the world someone has less than you do, and is happy
And you'll rememebr that "this too shall pass" includes the bad and the good
And you'll remember that they really do grow up SO fast

And you'll somehow remember that everythink is O.K.

Dayr, Taylen
Taylen, Dayr

Happy Twin Tuesday!



  1. A day can feel like forever, but a year can go by in the blink of an eye. You'll miss these moments (trust me, you will!) when your "babies" start Kindergarten (like mine did today). Then you'll be saying "It feels like we just brought them home from the hospital".

  2. I thought had the boys figured I it who was who, but now with new haircuts, I'm not so sure. It's that Tay in the green shirt next to the abacus?

    My twins have two different color hair-one black, one brown. A long as their hair is long-ish, it is totally easy to tell, but the first time we buzzed their heads....even grandparents, and close friends were confused. They totally used that to their advantage for their own entertainment!!

    1. I know they look a lot alike, but they're actually not identical! Dayr is in the green shirt looking at the abacus. Don't feel bad though, we get 'em mixed up sometimes, too ;)

  3. Wonderful words of wisdom! I love the pictures.

  4. Aw- so true. I am bookmarking this because I have bad times occasionally and this reminds me that life is short and we need to enjoy what we have. YOur kids are SO cute!

  5. That is such the truth, when I want to take a nap the phone rings and its the wrong number, or I realize I didn't take dinner out. lol
    I started following you today and I do hope you come over a visit my blog at http://atmycounter.blogspot.com


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