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cooking lesson with dad
failed chocolate mug cake
reading, loving, cooking, avoiding, laughing + [a slew of photos that speak for themselves]

I am currently READING a plethora of books. Something about having a big pile of knowledge on my bedside stand makes me giddy, and for the first time since having kids this has happened. Side note: Why oh why is it so easy for me to exercise my mind, but not my body? Another side note: now would be a good time to brush up on this book! My fave of the stack is called It's Okay NOT to Share... and Other Renegade Rules for Raising Competent and Compassionate Kids. It's all about "rules" that are followed by a small school in Columbus, Ohio hmmm, not too far from here! The rules? 1. It's okay if it's not hurting somebody or something. Oh, I forgot - just one rule. I saw it in the window of a bookstore last year and lusted it ever since. So far I've implemented conflict resolution talks + techniques with my one- and two-year-olds and have seen drastic improvements in their verbal skills/usage as well as self-confidence due to, I think, their knowledge that they can stick up for themselves. It's phenomenal and goes back to a recurring thought I have: children are far more capable than we often give them credit for.
ps- check out what I was reading in August of 2012 and have a good laugh at the irony with me :)


I am currently LOVING being a little more organized. I say a little because I fel like I still have a long way to go, but in reality I have done a lot of work. Close to ten bags of children's clothing have been cleared out of our home in the last month, the bathroom closet has been de-gunked and organized, I sorted piles of shoes to donate, and I ordered the cookbook/marker/random cupboard in the kitchen, as well as out baking cupboard above the stove + plasticware storage. Can I get a heck yes?

Bob is currently COOKING up what we like to call "Magic." It's magic because it is made from low cost, sometimes low quality foods - often leftovers - and always tastes AMAZEBALLS. No joke. This weeks invention? Chicken soup made with: a whole chicken carcass, leftover pasta salad, and what remained of a toddler mac-and-cheese meal. I'm sure your face is scrunched BUT I assure you it would be bucko bucks on a five star menu. Topped with crushed peanuts, Sriracha, and homemade lime crème fraîche I helped myself to three bowls! 

We are currently AVOIDING nothing. That I can think of. Unless I'm avoiding remembering? Ha. I find it better to face life head on, and I'm fortunate that my amazing husband agrees.
Update: I forgot I'm avoiding watching the weather. Not sure why but it stresses me out! Anybody?

Our three wee ones are currently LAUGHING at the most inappropriate (but funny) things! Namely when we're on our way to church and everyone is strung out to the max and we start singing You are my Sunshine, that's when it hits. Ayara finishes the lines like this:

Me: You are my _____
Ayara: pee pee!

Me: My only _____
Ayara: poopy!

Me: You make me _____
Ayara: GINEY! (her word for vagina!)

Me: Every _____
Ayara: GINEY!

By this time Dayr is snorting uncontrollably and Taylen is rolling with laughter, not to mention Bob and I in the front stifling our laughter and exchanging side glances. It really is hilarious and off-color. And I love it! I'm linking up here again!


  1. Mmmm.. that chocolate "mug" cake looks so good, I don't see any failure there. ;]

  2. Hahaha well at least they don't since it WHILE you're in church? XD


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