Thursday, August 30, 2012

Currently: August 30, 2012

Cooking, Reading, Wishing, Considering, Looking for

Twins are...

Cooking via their play kitchen (with no food). New goal: acquire some food.

Reading everything outloud (just not in decipherable English yet). A nighttime favorite is Fish Kisses by Marianne Richmond.

Wishing to be outdoors every minute of every day (I think). Being indoors in a tiny apartment is hard when you're 1.5.
Considering a love for their new haircuts/styles (compliments of mum & pop - photos to come, soon!).

Looking for a way to climb up onto shelves, toys, baskets, their sister... anything will do.

I am...

Cooking up lots of tasty vegan eats per my new nearly-animal-free approach to food. Recent faves include: Four bean salad with bulgar wheat, blueberry orange zest muffins, swiss chard with mushrooms and kasha, and fresh corn and avocado salad with quinoa.

Reading all about the woman behind the genius: Maria Montessori. We're hoping to involve our kids in Montessori schooling, when the time is right.

Wishing baby girl would go back to sleeping through the night. When we first brought Ayara home, until just last week, she slept five hours+ every night. Now we're lucky if she gets two straight hours. I forgot how hard teething was (and I can't wait to forget again).

Considering donating my hair. Not all of it, just a majority, for a wig company (probably CWHL) to use and make a child experiencing medical hairloss a free wig. Whadaya think?

Looking for crafts to do that only include these two items: fabric, and hot glue. I've got a lot of both!

Harvesting Kale


  1. We had an amazing pasta last night with swiss chard. It did have ricotta in it though - I'm not sure if you're family eats dairy or not. Let me know if you want the recipe - it was really yummy and simple.

  2. Hot glue and fabric. <3 it.
    I glue the fabric to boxes.
    I also just glue instead of sew.
    'Cause I can't sew.

  3. The twins are so cute! I have donated my hair before. It's an awesome way to give.


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