Monday, August 27, 2012

Bringin' Sexy Back [Chemise Lingerie Review]

Before you get all "whaaaaattt? this is supposed to be a family-friendly site!" on me, take a deep breath. I'm going to walk you through my personal experience with Plus Size Lingerie, and I'm going to do it tastefully. Check out their website and you'll see what I mean, they're brimming with beautiful, tasteful body coverings (or lack thereof).

I'll even go so far as to say my mother was at my house when my package arrived and had I wanted to be discrete, it wouldn't have been an issue at all. There were no external markings that screamed "SOMETHING SEXY IN HERE!" In fact the packaging was pretty plain jane. But you know me, modesty just isn't an issue, so I told my mom to open 'er up... and she did.

Inside was a gorgeous, delicate chemise in a very flattering shade of pink - my favorite! (not of all time, just on my skin).

You can have this gorgeous babydoll, one similar (or something completely different!) for less than the price of a new pair of pajamas, and it might serve you well, too!

Intimate apparel wasn't designed to be worn for long periods of time (if you know what I mean). Being a breastfeeding mom I found myself wearing this longer than I had anticipated, as my new daughter needed me soon after I had put it on. About twenty minutes in it started to bug my skin, but like I said, you probably wont be wearing it that long.

What I Loved: The shipping is speedy, the color is flattering, and this piece made me feel sassy!

What I'd Change: You know I'm a gifted lady when it comes to the chest, I could have benefited from some extra support and coverage in that department. I'd also make the back straps adjustable for a more custom fit.

Price to Buy: $12.00 - $50.00 depending on preference.

Overall: I'm bookmarking this site for future sexy buys. The prices are perfect and the chemise I received is gorgeous.

What do you do to feel sexy? I'd love to hear (PG) ideas, leave some love below!


I did receive the above mentioned product for review, I was not compensated in any other way. The opinions in this post are 100% original.


  1. Those are pretty awesome looking - now who's husband wouldn't want that!

  2. I have a hard time feeling sexy at my weight, but I recently discovered that I feel so much better when I wear pink. A stunning revelation for a tomboy!

    1. Oh my gosh, that's so interesting! I feel good when I wear... black. That's not the only thing, I also feel good when I don't wear body-hugging things. BUT since you love pink, you should try this chemise! comes in SML-3X! :)


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