Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Time has FLOWN! Already we're at 33 weeks pregnant and rolling forward... fast!

Yesterday was Ultrasound day since Baby G seemed "large" to our midwife. Ultrasound's at this point can be off +/- one pound and so I wasn't concerned with the numbers; I was just glad to see her!

She "weighed in" at 7 pounds-ish (so somewhere between 6-8) and is head down and buried as low as she can go. No wonder I've been feeling so much pain and pressure down there!
It sure would be nice if she stayed head down from now on... we shall see.

[Other news: she's still a girl and there's still just one. No twins.]

Today I have an appointment at the Women's Clinic. So far I've met only my midwife but today I will meet an OB/GYN (and on every other alternating visit from here on out) in order to ready myself should Jan (midwife) not be available when Baby G decides to come.

Hopefully the Ultrasounds will have been read professionally so we have something to talk about other than the pros/cons of attempting a VBAC (vaginal birth after ceserean). I just know something in this afternoon's chat will make me cry.

For now, the difficult-to-decipher footage:

The funny thing is that Bob and I were both SO tired that we nearly fell asleep during this ultrasound! (It was daddy's first time seeing Baby G live!)

It's comical that we were so excited about the experience and then realizing we had a quiet moment without the twins nearly took advantage and zonked out.

And of course a pregnancy update wouldn't be complete without a belly shot, or two:
Compared to two weeks ago, the difference is definitely noticable!

The time has come where I care less about styling my hair/applying make-up and more about simply staying awake and comfortable. You're welcome.

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  1. Time is flying by. I will be 32 weeks this Sat. I have another Ob check up on Monday, and then I start going every week I think. Last visit the Midwife said he was head down and low. So my fingers are crossed for your little one to stay that way to.


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