Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stumpin' Down Memory Lane

With all of the Birthday madness happening over here, it's hard to remember there is a Blog to maintain! We celebrated mine last week and today is my incredibly smart, passionate, handsome husband's! Happy Birthday babe!
Balloons and surprises for me!
Dark Chocolate Bacon cupcakes for Bob - recipe here

In honor of my hubs I thought it appropriate to share some recent photos of a trip we took reminiscing about his childhood.
Talk about a fun, inexpensive getaway; this one was a blast and cost next-to-nothing AND bonus: insight into my hubby's life before "us"

We had the day off and the sun was shining (this was a week ago, you know... before it started snowing again??).

Bob suggested we check out his old stomping grounds (or "stumpin'" grounds, if you will) and I was thrilled he wanted to take me! Everything I had heard about this blink-and-you-miss-it small Michigan town was just that... hearsay. I was ready to put some pictures to the stories.

We loaded up the boys, and some snacks, made a phone call to his sister who was kind enough to agree to spend the afternoon with us once we arrived, and off we went on our day long journey down memory lane.

An actual outhouse at his Great Uncle's Cottage on the lake
Generations of photos on this very dock have been archived throughout the years. [Dayr left]
Nothing like a barefoot baby in nature to capture it's beauty and simplicity

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