Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Happy Twin Tuesday again! I don't know about you but our week flew by! In the spirit of twin Tuesday we're once again addressing something of question for twins. No matter where we go we always seem to hear "How do you do it?" See those sandy faces up there ^ ? Those cute little guys have no idea the effort that goes into getting them to their favorite destination: the BEACH! (Cue that super annoying Nicki Minaj song). Bob and I have devised a clever system that works well for us to get the whole gang from apartment to beach in just about an hour. That's right, an entire hour.

It starts with the morning nap. During this time we typically: snag a shower, get dressed, apply our sunscreen, make and pack lunch/snacks/drinks, fill and pack sippy cups do not forget the sippy cups!, re-stock the diaper bag, lay out the twins' swimsuits, feed and change the baby, and pull the car around to the front of the building.

With the car out front Bob makes a few trips to load: towels and beach toys, lunch, drinks, snacks, and the diaper bag.
Once the boys wake up it's GO time. It looks like this: change two diapers, put on two swimsuits, find two tee shirts, put on two pairs of shoes, apply sunscreen (twice), load the baby in her car seat, locate mom's shoes, sunglasses, water bottle, etc. Dad take the boys to the car, leaving the keys in the door for me to lock-up. I follow behind once Ayara's locked and loaded and lock up the house.

Once we make it to the beach it goes like this:

1. Unbuckle both boys: dad picks one up, I hand him the other
2. Mom loads up her arms full of anything she can carry and unloads Ayara
3. Everybody treks down to the water
4. Dad sprints back to the car for the remainder of the stuff and I do mean sprints because in a matter of seconds the boys are without a doubt going two different directions which usually include: into the deep water and away from us

During our beach time there is no relaxing. It's a constant struggle to monitor the sand intake, keep kids from going face down in the Bay, pass out semi-sandy snacks and drinks (not to mention get a bite ourselves) and protect Ayara from the boys' "love".

By the end of three hours we're usually exhausted and ready for naps all around. We know it's time to leave when people stop staring because we have twins and start staring at the screaming boys that seem neglected (but are not).

So why do we do it? Because when you have three babies in less that 900 square feet for too long you go crazy. And when you go crazy you forget how hard something like a trip to the beach can be. Oh, and we go crazy every day!


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